2014 – Lessons learned – and why I’m here at last

Why blog?

Well, 2014 was the year when I caught up (a bit) with newer marketing techniques and newer technology.

Goaded by my business partner, Barbara, I finally began to see that much of what we were doing was old-fashioned. I mean things like telemarketing, webinars, seminars, content-heavy websites, and so on.

‘Why don’t you just record the demo you’re doing and upload it to YouTube (for free!) so that people can watch it when they want to?’ Barbara asked, quite reasonably.

I suppose it wasn’t only that I hadn’t thought that a particularly good idea. I also hate (as we all do) to hear myself talking. But I was persuaded, and then I found I couldn’t stop. I’ve done several hours worth of demonstrations of different aspects of time@work and expense@work. And we’ve linked these to websites, emails, twitter feeds, LinkedIn stuff,

And then I began to hear the term ‘content marketing’ (I’d probably heard the term before but never listened to it) and realised that one can put all these things together – websites, articles, posts, news, tweets, videos, case studies, LinkedIn profiles, Facebook pages, and now a blog – so that there’s a looser collection of promotional content in a variety of styles that establishes a company’s or a product’s credentials.

No one likes the straight-jacket of a text-heavy website, so we’ll be revising them too.

So, Barbara, was right. There are much better ways of marketing with all the new technology tools that are available now. I’ve learned something.

And it’s not as if I’m short of opinions.

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