Track your expense and income balance using expense4you at home

We’ve just launched a new iPhone App on the App Store for tracking personal expenses – expense4you at home.

e4u at home

This complements expense4you, which we released some weeks ago. Whilst expense4you was designed for the capture of business expenses, expense4you at home is designed to capture your personal expenses, though you can mark some of these as business costs if you want to.

With expense4you at home you can take photos of your receipts and record a voice memo to remind yourself of what you’re spending money on.

You can also choose from six base currencies – GBP, USD, AUD, INR, ZAR and EUR – and enter foreign expenses in any currency with automatic conversion to your base currency, or you can choose to work without currencies.

You can also register your income, and track your fluctuating fortune as expenses eat away at income, or as income trumps expenses. As with expense4you, once you’ve registered you can upload income and expense data to our server, and then login using a browser to run dozens of analytical reports. You can also use the browser to enter a budget for your expenses and compare actual expenses against budget.

There are categories of expenses for assets, education, gifts, household expenses, leisure, living expenses, medical, moving, tax, travel, vehicle and other expenses.

Try it for a month free of charge, and then pay an annual fee to be able to upload and analyse.

If you’re a corporate user of expense@work we’ll have a new App for you in a few weeks’ time that will connect directly to your expense@work database.

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