Thoughts on Measuring and Managing Professional Services Organisations


Over the last three months I’ve posted several extracts from my book Eight Measures for Professional Services Management. Here’s a compilation of them all:

tape measure

Telling the Truth About Time

Four Important Design Principles

What to Measure if What You’re Selling is Time


Standard Fee Variance

Activity Variance


Standard Cost Variance

Work in Progress Days

Overhead Variance and Debtor Days

Motivating Professional Staff – Team Members

Motivating Professional Staff – Team Leaders and Project Managers

Motivating Professional Staff – Business Unit and Company Managers

Interdepartmental or Intercompany Charging – Theory

Interdepartmental or Intercompany Charging – Practice

Summary of Recommendations

Download the whole thing from here:

Eight Measures for Successful Professional Services Management

One thought on “Thoughts on Measuring and Managing Professional Services Organisations

  1. Unspoken Assumptions – Do we have the same understanding as our customers as to what consulting means? – Adam Bager

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