Forms and Data Capture using an iPhone


We’ve just released a demonstration version of an App that works with our forms@work business software.

forms@work lets you define forms for the capture of data, as well as authorisation workflow rules, and any amount of reporting and export to other systems.

You might use forms@work for such purposes as:

  • Absence request management (holidays, and other planned absences)
  • Mileage capture for personal or pool cars
  • Purchase requests
  • Product sample requests (common in pharmaceutical companies)
  • Marketing event proposals
  • Expenses
  • Sales reporting


The forms@work App works online and offline, downloading forms definitions from your server, together with all the data lists that each form needs. You can also capture images and voice memos before uploading data to the central server.

Download forms@work from the App Store and give it a try.


The forms@work App lets you capture:

  • Photos
  • Voice Memos
  • Hierarchical data (3 levels)
  • Date fields
  • Date time fields
  • Time fields
  • Text fields
  • Lookup fields
  • Numeric fields
  • Values for calculations such as quantities and prices (in definable currencies)

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