The Personalised World

Everything is now personal.

As algorithms become more sophisticated and more data are stored about us, systems such as Google and Amazon serve up to us exactly what they ‘believe’ we need or are looking for.

There is talk, too, of personalised medicines that will target the specific cancer cells or viruses that threaten us.

So, art, too, must become responsive to our individual fads, tastes and allergies.

I came across a delightful article on the BBC website about the Gluten-Free Museum where gluten, and anything to do with it, has been air-brushed from the world’s most famous images.

BBC News

gluten 1

Pitchfork gone.

gluten 2

gluten 3

Loaves gone.

What a marvellous world it will be when we no longer have to look at anything that ‘disagrees’ with us!

For the anthroposophist (see No Right Angles) Mondrian’s paintings can be improved in very obvious ways:


For those who suffer from hay-fever there would be little left of this Breughel landscape:


And for those will total allergy syndrome minimalism (or nihilism?) would be the only answer:


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