Our New Website

It’s hard to keep up with fashion. One moment you’re wearing something like this…

Platform shoe 1970

…and the next moment you’re getting some very odd looks. (Rest assured, I’ve never worn anything quite like this, though there were a few months in 1976 when platform heels were fashionable for men, too, and I did briefly possess a pair.)

Fashion is a harsh taskmaster. There’s a lot to keep up with. Fashion afflicts everything we are, do or wear – clothes, shoes, cars, glasses, hair, interior design (out with those bean bags), phones, accessories, even food and garden design.

I’ve given up on most of these. My personal life is my own and the days of marketing it are over. I have about thirty polo shirts in my wardrobe and I wear them one after the other, so to hell with the fashion fascists.

But when it comes to business websites and marketing I’m persuaded that we mustn’t be far behind the leading edge. Which is why we’ve completely redesigned our  www.systemsatwork.com website. We put our hands in our pockets and through MarketUp, our online marketing agency, we commissioned one of the best website designers in the Czech Republic to bring us up to date.


  • with too much text
  • with it precisely fitting the screen
  • with it not working well on mobile or tablet
  • with a jumble of content that is hard to see or read


  • with deeply scrolling pages
  • with responsive design so that it works on mobiles and tablets, too
  • with simple and not much text
  • with links to social media
  • with nice landing pages for Google AdWords campaigns
  • with simple graphics
  • with links to videos

It’s much better, but it’s taken us six months, so how long before we start to get funny looks again?

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