One thought on “The Perfect Peeler – What might Nevil Shute have thought of it?

  1. Dear Adam,

    Love it! But I could say that about most of your blogs. Šthough I may not identify so completely with the content/issue. Viz peeler , I have exactly the same problem with the demise of my favoriteŠ. also bought in CZ many years ago. All substitutes turn out to be trash and I have the scars and nicks on my fingers to prove it. So if you ever find the ideal peeler in your travels please buy two and I will reimburse . Or order by the carload and we can go into the peeler distribution business together???

    What’s more, I may be the only avid reader of your blogs who actually has read and also liked (years ago) the unfamous Nevil Shute!

    We must be related! Do you think?

    Love and kisses,


    From: Adam Bager Reply-To: Adam Bager Date: Mon, 25 Apr 2016 06:12:13 +0000 To: Microsoft Office User Subject: [New post] The Perfect Peeler ­ What might Nevil Shute have thought of it? Adam Bager posted: “The modernist cry that form should follow function could never be more apt than as a description of my favourite peeler. I do a lot of peeling – potatoes, carrots, cucumber, apples, parsnips, pears, even ginger from time to time – and I’ve found no be”


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