Lettre d’amour

Antal Dorati (1906 to 1988) is generally known as a conductor, but he was also a fine composer. Born in Budapest to musical parents, he studied at the Franz Liszt Academy with Kodaly and Bartok.

His Five Pieces for Solo Oboe, written for Heinz Holliger, are amongst the most imaginative (and difficult) solo works for the instrument. The least difficult is this one, which I recorded this morning at home. There’s a wrong note (other oboists will surely notice it), a chickening-out of the harmonics in the last bar, and a number of other deficiencies. One can always do better. Here it is, anyway.

6 thoughts on “Lettre d’amour

  1. Yes, wistful as you said …the rather haunting sound enhanced by the dissonances if that makes sense .

    I am hardly qualified to be a music critic but it’s clearly a difficult piece very well played.
    Thank you ….

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  2. Beautiful piece beautifully played. Reminds me that my clarinet is dessicating in its case under the sofa. How neglected it feels…


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