gigglemusic – Telemann in maschera

To celebrate Version 1.4 of gigglemusic – now available on the App Store and Google Play – my teacher, Jan Thuri, and I recorded a Covid-19 compliant performance of a short duet by Telemann.

It’s a hard time for musicians, but play we must. If this is the only way, then so be it.

You may notice that we’re closer to each other than recommended by the International Oboists’ Guild (we’re playing from the same score), but we took the extra precaution of muzzling our instruments’ bells.

Make of it what you will. And please forgive us our mistakes. It is harder to play behind a mask than you might imagine.

If you’re eager to make contact with other musicians during these difficult times, try gigglemusic. It’s a new network for classical musicians. We released our first version just as Covid struck, and we’re still holding off from widespread marketing until our strapline ‘bringing musicians together‘ makes more sense, but we’re eager to add more users.

gigglemusic lets you find other musicians, concerts, music businesses, groups, opportunities and items for sale. Register, promote your own skills, add your own events, and let us know what you think. It costs nothing.

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