Bikers’ Nation

Vietnam is a country of around 90 million people, and 25 million motorbikes. Perhaps as many as 10% of the population are conceived on or near a motorbike, 2% are born on or near a motorbike, and a number are buried with them, just as Norse warriors were buried with their horses.

The average number of passengers on a motorbike nears two (sampled over a five minute period in the town of Hoi An), but you will often see four and occasionally five on one machine, not to mention construction materials, kitchens, washing machines and small trees.

Family outing:

    bike family 4

Five at once


Mobile kitchen:

bike conical hat


   bike with lounger 

Shopping and an elegant side-saddle posture

 bike side saddle


 bike office

Motorbike metamorphosis

 bike with garden


 bike angst

High fashion

 bike with pink lady


 bike on wall

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