Do you dare?

Do you dare to cross the road when the little man is red?


In some countries it’s illegal (here in the Czech Republic, for example), but in all the time I’ve lived here I haven’t once been stopped by a policeman, nor yet run over by a bus. And I’m perfectly happy to endure the tut-tutting of citizens more senior than I am who have more patience or think that the world order iis threatened by petty disobedience.

Someone once told me that she always walks a prospective job candidate to the lift, just to see how fast the candidate moves. Fast is good, dawdling is not.

I like people who move fast and take small risks. And I like people who don’t feel they must slavishly obey the pettier laws that plague us.You can have too much patience.

Other rules I disobey (I can’t think of any more laws):

  • The customer is always right
  • Check-in two hours before the flight
  • Wear a suit at the opera
  • Drink white wine with fish
  • Do what the tour guide says
  • Don’t talk about politics or religion
  • Avoid double cream

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